Mr. Sean Garcia-Leys

Mr. Sean Garcia-Leys, Board of Supervisors At-Large

Sean Garcia-Leys is a civil rights attorney and public safety advocate who works to end counterproductive gang suppression strategies and supports policies and practices that help gang-involved individuals transition away from crime and violence. To that end, he has successfully fought gang injunctions in LA, Orange, and Ventura counties; has been instrumental in reducing the overbroad targeting of people in law enforcement gang databases; has testified as a gang expert; and he is a frequent source for the news media regarding gang policing.

He is the recipient of the 2017 Chicano Hero award from Chicanxs Unidxs and the 2018 Equal Justice award from the ACLU of Southern California. Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Garcia-Leys worked as a high school teacher in Watts and East LA, and as a labor organizer. Sean Garcia-Leys is currently Co-Director of the Peace and Justice Law Center and Co-Director of the Decriminalizing Neighborhoods Network.