Ms. Dominique D. Nong

Ms. Dominique D. Nong, Board of Supervisors At-Large

Dominique D. Nong is the Special Projects Manager for Youth Justice at the Young Women's Freedom Center. Before joining YWFC, she was the director of youth justice policy at Children’s Defense Fund-California. Previously, Dominique worked as an assistant public defender in the Baltimore City Juvenile Court Division of the Maryland Office of the Public Defender. As a clinical fellow in Northwestern Law School’s Bluhm Legal Clinic, she created the Pretrial Representation and Corrections Policy Project—a course dedicated to reducing Illinois’ over-reliance on incarceration.

Prior to Northwestern, Dominique was a staff attorney at the Southern Poverty Law Center where she engaged in litigation, legislative, community mobilization, government collaboration, and public education strategies to end the transfer of youth to the adult criminal justice system, challenge the role and actions of police officers in schools, and improve conditions of confinement in juvenile facilities. Dominique is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and Harvard College.